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A modernized bomber jacket MAVERICK, the unchanging unwritten rule of Ninja and leather jackets

ENTHUSIASTIC RIDERS MAGAZINE "Mr. Bike BG" Impre-Collaboration Project

A world that reflects the world of motorcycles and leather jackets that run through the passage of time.

When wearing a leather jacket and riding various motorcycles

how does that running look

how does that leather jacket fit

You can tell by the fitting of the riding position

The essence of KADOYA riders jacket.

“Man Machine Leather” which is fascinated by BG photographer.

Planning cooperation: Mr.Bike BG

Vol.3 "Motorcycles and leather jackets that transcend time, fascinated by TOP GUN."

< RIDE ON BIKE / Kawasaki GPZ900R >

The release of "New TOP GUN" has been postponed until May next year, and riders who have seen a sneak peek at the trailer will be looking forward to it. From GPZ900R to H2, the genealogy from the first generation to the current Ninja is a pride not only for Kawasaki riders but also for Japanese people.

kadoya official online

The new MAVERICK is a modernized version of the military bomber jacket. At that time, the Type-G1, a flight jacket with a lot of patches, broke the style of riding a Ninja, but it's embarrassing to leave it as it is.

kadoya official online

MAVERICK is made of light and supple goatskin that can be worn stylishly, and has been upgraded for riders as well as being able to equip a protector. You can drive the GPZ Ninja of yesteryear in a mature style, or you can drive the latest Ninja H2 in a modern and smart way. The goodness of matching regardless of whether it is new or old is attractive.

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Bomber JKT and Ninja, timeless coolness never fades.

kadoya official online

In the BG magazine, "Z1 & GPZ900R that created the era" is featured at the beginning of the book.

The GPZ900R is based on the copy of "Now that the curse of speed has been released, the beginning of Ninja Chapter 2", starting with Mr. Hamaya's test drive impressions, the vehicle specifications, and the design background from the Z1 to the innovative GPZ900. It is full of content including historical information and vehicle information completed by MORIYAMA ENGINEERING


kadoya official online

Removable acrylic collar boa

The acrylic boa at the collar, which is a feature of Bomber JKT, can be easily attached and detached with a zipper.

For riders, the wind resistance and heat retention of the neck are the most important. It can be used properly according to the season and style.

If you remove it, you can change the design to a simple regular color.


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Polyester shirring with windproof film for ribs

The cuffs and hem are shirred with stretch polyester fabric.

In contrast to the solid and hard texture of the shirred leather cuffs, it has a soft and casual texture, while enhancing wind resistance and abrasion resistance.

A distinctive technical and modern design.


kadoya official online

Protectors can be attached to the shoulders, elbows and spine

There is a pocket bag for attaching protectors to the shoulders, elbows and spine, increasing safety during riding.

It's easy to put on and take off, so I'm thankful that I can take it off when I'm not riding a motorcycle and use it smartly and casually.

<Pad sold separately in the photo> (Price includes tax)
Shoulder: CE SHOULDER PROTECTOR / ¥ 1,980 Left and right elbow: CE ELBOW PROTECTOR / ¥ 2,310 Left and right spine: CE LEVEL.1 BACKBONE PROTECTOR / ¥ 2,310

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