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Article: repair&custom 21

repair&custom 21


A made-to-order jacket based on "EARLY SPRINTER" made about 7 years ago was delivered to the factory for repair.

This is the time of delivery 7 years ago

It is the first place that I was looking forward to aging from the time it was completed.

I knew that owner K doesn't wear leather jackets very often, but he's grown up more than I imagined.

Well, the contents of the repair this time are the partial correction of the cuffs that have been torn.

There is a crack on the right sleeve.

There are several ways to repair it, but this time we will go with "cutting off the cuff and remaking it into a cuff".

Since it is a design change, in such cases, both sleeves are often processed in the same way in a well-balanced manner, but this time, only the right sleeve is processed.

nice one,

Personally, I love the asymmetry.

The deteriorated collar piping is also replaced with a new one.

The collar, which comes into direct contact with the skin, inevitably deteriorates quickly, so this time we replaced it with Minkle leather, which has a high surface strength, and the repair is complete.

Even so, it's finished in a good atmosphere.

Thank you very much Mr. K!