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Article: repair&custom 22

repair&custom 22

This is a chipped plate with gold splicing.

Kintsugi is a method of bonding damaged parts of ceramics such as cracks, chips, and cracks with lacquer.

It is a repair technique that decorates and finishes with metal powder such as gold.

By the way, this vessel was repaired by myself a long time ago while being taught by someone.

Gold discolors and the chipped part returns to its original state, so it's not really something you can show, but...

A traditional technique unique to Japan from ancient times to repair broken vessels.

If you ask a professional, you can be sure, and if you are a handy person, it should be a beautiful finish.

No matter what it is, it's nice to be able to repair it and continue to use it when it's damaged.

Well, this is the leather jacket that I brought.

It will be a repair request for a tear on the right elbow.

as a choice

・Repair in the minimum range without changing the image.
(Fix only the torn part with glue.In addition, put leather from the back and stitch it, etc.)

・Parts exchange by switching only the elbow part

・ Although it is a large scale, such as exchanging sleeves etc...

This time there was the same leather stock in the factory and the place was the elbow

I's choice is to install elbow pads. Similarly for the left sleeve.

Natural finish with no discomfort

Before starting repairs, I saw I's jacket and thought about it.

Although it has a feeling of wear, it is in very good condition and I can feel that it is being worn with care.