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Privacy policy

Kadoya Corp. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) believes that the appropriate handling and protection of customers' personal information is the basis of business activities and a social responsibility. We have established a personal information protection policy here and will strive to implement it so that our customers can use our products and services with peace of mind.

[Definition of personal information]
"Personal information" is information about a living individual that can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth, or other description contained in the information, or information that includes a personal identification code. . . Even if the collected information about customers cannot identify a specific individual by itself, if it can be combined with other information to identify a specific individual, all such information will be treated as "personal information".

[Basic Policy]
Our company recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, believes that it is a social responsibility to use and protect personal information appropriately, and encourages executives and all employees to appropriately store personal information. I will try my best. We will disseminate these initiatives throughout the company and strive to comply with them.

Our company will appropriately handle and manage the personal information entrusted to us within the scope of the purpose of use specified and agreed to by the individual. In addition, our company will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties unless we have the consent of the individual or there is a justifiable reason, such as when there is a danger to life or a violation of laws and regulations.

Our company complies with laws, national guidelines, and other norms regarding the handling of personal information.

Our company will take safety measures and corrective measures against risks such as leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.

Our company has set up a consultation desk regarding personal information, and will promptly respond to inquiries and complaints regarding personal information, as well as requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, etc. of personal information.

Kadoya Corp.
3-29-21 Nishiasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative Director and President Masakazu Fukano

[About changes to the privacy policy]
Our company may revise or revise the privacy policy without prior notice to customers. If there are any significant changes, we will notify you on the news page of our website.

[Items of personal information to be acquired]
Our company will acquire the following personal information based on laws and regulations.

1. Information regarding login and use of this service
・Account ID and password for logging into this service
・Account registration information such as gender, date of birth, postal code, email address, etc.
・Information provided by customers linked to their account. Name, address, phone number, SNS account information, height, physical characteristics, and other information about the customer.
・Information regarding the use of points, coupons, cash back, and other services
・Information for carrying out transactions conducted by customers through the use of services and information regarding the details of such transactions
・Information regarding credit card information, bank account information, electronic money, collection agency, cash on delivery, and other payment methods.
・Information regarding inquiries and communications from customers to our company
・Identification documents for identity verification (driver's license, health insurance card, copy of resident card, etc.) and information contained in such documents due to legal requirements, etc.
・Other information entered by the customer into the service

2.The following information regarding customers who are employees or business partners of our company
・Names, addresses, backgrounds, and other information related to employees (including temporary staff and part-time workers)
・Information regarding individuals such as our business partners

3. Information obtained from third parties
・Information obtained from third parties with customer consent
・Information obtained based on laws and regulations
・Information acquired through publication All customer information acquired by our company is provided voluntarily by the customer. Please note that if you do not provide all or part of the information that we obtain in connection with the use of this service, we may refuse to use the service.

[About the handling of personal information]
We handle personal information obtained through our website or directly from customers as follows.
<About the purpose of use of personal information>
The purposes for which personal information is used by our company are as follows. Our company will not use personal information for any purpose other than that purpose. If we need to use your personal information for purposes other than those listed below, we will notify you or obtain your consent.

(1) Purpose of use of personal information
1. For customer personal authentication
2. To provide customers with various services provided by our company (hereinafter referred to as the "Services") and related communications.
3. Distribution of email newsletters (only if requested by the customer)
4. For sending catalogs, etc.
5. To carry out operations related to product returns, repairs, and collections.
6.The customer information registered in the delivery address information will be used for shipping products and sending information on products and services related to our company or our affiliated companies.
7. To provide information about our company that may be useful to customers, or information about the products and services of our advertisers and partner companies, and to carry out marketing, etc. by our company.
8. To contact customers regarding matters that have a significant impact on the operation of this service (including, but not limited to, major changes to the content of this service or temporary suspension)
9. To provide customer information and purchase information to payment companies and credit card companies for the purpose of preventing unauthorized use.
10. Depending on the e-commerce platform used by the Company, third parties who provide services such as payment processing, data analysis, email sending, hosting services, customer service, etc. on behalf of the Company, and service providers working with them. Three parties. (hereinafter referred to as "EC platform service provider", including third parties located overseas)
11. Personal information provided to us through SNS services such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be used for our advertising and sales activities.
12. To investigate the results of statistically processing affiliate program information
13.For contacting customers to request their consent regarding the handling of personal information
14. Customer information obtained through the giveaway campaign will be used for shipping to giveaway winners and processing applications.
15. To accept reservations from customers
16. For the management of various events held by our company
17. To respond to customer inquiries
18. To create anonymously processed information or pseudonymized information for statistical information creation
19. To improve customer service at stores

(2) Purpose of use of personal information of employees and their families
1. For our company's personnel management and wage management (property accumulation, life insurance, pension, payroll processing such as labor allowances, expense settlement processing, etc.)
2. For internal communication, notifications, circulation, etc.
3. For labor-management consultations, collective bargaining, etc. regarding wages and working conditions.
4. For personnel management such as secondment, dispatch, transfer, etc.
5. For safety and health management, health management, other welfare benefits (including information about the person and his or her family), etc.
6. For smooth and appropriate response in the event of a disaster, emergency, or personal emergency (including health damage such as sudden illness)
7. To respond to other laws and requests from related ministries and agencies.

(3) Purpose of use of personal information of employment applicants
1. To provide various information regarding our company's recruitment activities (company information sessions, website information, etc.) and to accept applications.
2. For our company to conduct recruitment selection
3. For administrative processing such as communication regarding recruitment selection.
4. For guidance on medical examinations, joining procedures, etc. for those who have been selected for employment.

(4) Matters regarding publication of purpose of use of specific personal information, etc.
1. Among the personal information of officers/employees and dependent relatives of officers/employees, our company uses personal numbers and specific personal information regarding officers/employees and dependent relatives of officers/employees for the following purposes. The acquired information will be used only for the following purposes and will not be provided to third parties except as permitted by the Number Act.
・Administration related to withholding tax on employment income and retirement income
・Resident tax related affairs
・Employment insurance related affairs
・Health insurance/employee pension insurance related affairs
・Notification work for National Pension Category 3 insured persons
・Preparation of tax returns, notifications, and applications related to property accumulation housing savings and property accumulation pensions
・Defined contribution pension-related affairs (limited to affairs related to the preparation of legal records, etc. that should be submitted to tax authorities regarding pension or lump-sum payments, etc.)
・Other affairs related to the payment of pensions or lump-sum payments (limited to cases where provision of personal numbers has been entrusted by employees, etc.)
・Administration related to each of the preceding items

2. Affairs related to individual numbers of individuals other than officers and employees and dependent relatives of officers and employees will be used only for the purpose of preparing payment records for remuneration, fees, etc., except in cases permitted by the Number Act. It will not be provided to any third party.

<About consignment sales>
When our company outsources work related to this service to a third party, we may entrust it to a third party after taking measures to protect your personal information. In that case, we will select a company that meets the necessary standards set by our company regarding the handling and management of personal information, sign a contract regarding the protection of personal information, and then strictly manage and supervise the company. (Example: When outsourcing product delivery to a delivery company, etc.)

<Provision to third parties>
Our company will not provide personal information to third parties (including third parties located overseas) except in the following cases.

a. When providing personal information to EC platform service providers and other third parties (including third parties located overseas) to the extent necessary for the various services provided by the Company.
b. When providing personal information to companies (including third parties located overseas) that operate external services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., or providing personal information for authentication using such external services. If you do. .
c. Personal information of customers already held by our company, and information such as customer browsing history, location information, hobbies and preferences obtained from third parties such as public DMP operators and affiliated service providers affiliated with our company. When linking
d. If the customer has given prior consent to the provision to a third party, or if the customer has given consent to the provision to a third party outside Japan.
e. If your personal information is processed so that it cannot be identified.
f. When based on laws and regulations
g. When it is necessary to protect the lives, bodies, or property of our company, customers, or other third parties, or the services we provide h. To improve public health or promote the healthy development of children. When there is a special need, i. When it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, local government, or a person entrusted by them in carrying out the affairs stipulated by law, and disclosure is requested. case. If we provide services to foreign third parties, information about the services and the country in which they are provided can be found here.

<Disclosure, correction, deletion, etc.>
When we receive a request for the disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of use of your personal information, we will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations only if we can confirm that the request is from the individual. We will respond accordingly. We will respond based on laws and regulations. Our company will respond without delay within the scope stipulated by law. However, personal information of customers who purchase our products using this service will be deleted without delay 180 days after purchase. Please also note that if we suspend or delete some or all of your personal information, we may no longer be able to provide this service. (Please note that we may not be able to respond to requests for suspension of use or deletion of retained information based on laws and regulations.)

Click here for the personal information deletion request form

<About creating anonymously processed information>
In order to improve customer service, our company creates anonymously processed information that cannot identify specific individuals and restores personal information using appropriate processing methods based on laws and regulations. We will continue our efforts to provide anonymously processed information. The items of anonymously processed information created by our company are as follows.

Member ID, product information, purchase history, store of purchase, number of purchases, purchase amount, purchase date, purchase channel, number of purchases, order ID, shipping destination prefecture, gender, date of birth, and survey response contents are anonymously processed and used. Let me do it. Information will not be provided to third parties. Regarding the management of anonymously processed information, our company will take necessary and appropriate security control measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage.

<About creating temporary processing information>
Our company uses appropriate processing methods based on laws and regulations to create pseudonymized information that cannot identify a specific individual unless compared with other information, and continuously uses it to create statistical information. We do not provide pseudonymized information to third parties. Regarding the management of pseudonymized information, we will take necessary and appropriate security control measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage. Our company handles anonymously processed information and pseudonymized information in the same way.

<If you do not agree to this handling>
If you do not agree to all or part of this policy, you will not be able to use this service.

Our contact point regarding personal information is as follows.
Phone number: +81-3-3842-2000 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00 *Closed during New Year holidays and temporary closures)
Contact name: Kadoya Co., Ltd. Customer Service Desk

<About Internet security>
We use data encryption communication called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on the pages on our website where you send your personal information.

<About the use of cookies>
Our company uses cookies (a technology that exchanges information between a website and a customer's web browser) to make the website more convenient for customers and to deliver advertisements. We also use access analysis tools and other similar technologies to measure and analyze customer usage.

<About cookies>
A cookie is a function that stores information about your visit to our website on the device you use. We do not collect any personal information from customers who view this website.

<Tools we use>
Our company uses tools that use cookies to understand usage status. The information collected, recorded, and analyzed by each tool provider does not include any personally identifying information. Information is managed based on the privacy policy of each tool provider. You can stop the use of cookies by visiting the opt-out page of each tool provider or by disabling them yourself from the web browser settings you are using.

List of tools in use here

For complaints, consultations, and inquiries regarding our privacy policy, please contact the following contact point.
Contact name: Kadoya Co., Ltd. Customer Service Desk
Phone number: +81-3-3842-2000 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00 *Closed during New Year holidays and temporary closures)