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Article: repair & custom 16

repair & custom 16

EVO-PANTS made by KADOYA K's LEATHER. Leather pants with a presence that stands out with large grid-stitched knee pads.

On the other hand, the back is an orthodox pants style.

The custom requested by the customer will be applied to the back pocket and hem.

Start with your pocket.

Once removed from the main unit, prepare a low-resilience sponge and a pressing cloth that is one size smaller than the outer shape.

They are layered and pressed with the same lattice stitch as the knee pads to create a voluminous padded pocket.

Sew again so that it does not deviate from its original position.

The unity and presence of the front and back are emphasized by the design details shared with the knees.

Next is the custom hem.

Slits are applied to make it easier to put on and take off the boots.

The slit opens and closes with a ZIP.

It is a specification that hides the bugs by attaching the bead leather to the ZIP.

The size of the zip attachment given by the customer is the minimum necessary for the boot, and it is set compactly so that the slider pull does not come out from the hem.

The custom parts are partial, but they have the power to completely change the impression of the style.