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Article: repair&custom 15

repair&custom 15

Our leather pants worn by our customers.

He wanted to wear boots, and when he put the hem on his long boots, he said, "I can do it somehow...", so for a while, I was aware of the unreasonableness, but I wore them. am. However, the volume of the leather inside the boot is quite large, so it was necessary to process it so that the boot could be put in without stress.

The area around the knee is just the right amount of room for you, so use that as a base point and tighten it from the calf to the hem. The hem length is cut according to the customer's ankle.

A slit with a zip is provided at the narrowed hem so that the ankle can be easily passed through. The one-piece leather windbreak attached to the slit part does not have its original meaning in the boots, but it is a part to prevent the slider from getting caught on the socks or bare skin when opening and closing the zip.

You should now be able to put on your boots without having to hold them down like folding the hem of your pants.

For those of you who are worried about the leather accumulating in your boots, how about customizing your shoes below the knees for a neater look?