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Article: repair&custom 12

repair&custom 12

"I want to put a pad inside the jacket..." So, it is a custom with an inner bag for the pad on the lining.

Customers use our TPF pads. This time, we will create bags for the shoulders, backbone, and elbows, excluding the breast pads for the chest.

The original lining is black, but they want to change the mood, so the lining will be replaced with dark red satin at the same time.

The mouth of the bag opens and closes with a Velcro closure so that the pad can be taken in and out. The backbone bag is attached to the inside of the lining, so the back has a neat layout with only an opening.

The shoulder and elbow bags are sewn in the manner of an out pocket, making it easy to grasp the positional relationship of pad attachment. Even with the cylindrical elbow part, it is a way to put the pad in and out without hindrance.

When replacing the lining, the tag and inner pocket are put back on, so the usability is the same as before.

An interior bag that can be equipped with padding without changing the appearance of the jacket.

In order to install it, the jacket must have enough space for the volume of the pad to be used.