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Article: repair & custom 11

repair & custom 11

"I want to attach pads to the knees of my pants... Pads with cups... Leather pads..."

After hesitation, the answer given by the customer was a leather pad. The favorite AW-EVO SHORT was the decisive factor. A double jacket with plaid stitch pads on the shoulders and elbows giving off a wild presence. I decided to attach pads with the same design to the pants to create a sense of unity between the top and bottom.

Layer the padding of the jacket and the size of the grid pattern on the low-resilience sponge.

Install it a little so that it does not cover the side ZIP. It's a 1cm thick sponge, but it doesn't affect the silhouette much.

Even so, the bulge of the lattice held down by the stitches gives it a solid volume.

When riding a motorcycle, the shoulders, elbows and knees are very close. You can feel the unity of the jacket, pants, and continuous padding.

This customer's pants also have a plaid leather pad on the knee. After all, it's a custom post-installation, but there's a reason for that.

His right knee was torn due to a fall, and he was brought in for repair.

First of all, from the back side, cover the torn part firmly with the bonded leather. Furthermore, it is reinforced with stitches along the crack. Repair is now complete.

And here is the custom area. While looking at the overall balance of the pants, attach the pad to cover the repaired part.

With a pad attached, you never know what's going on underneath...

Even though the new equipment has increased my sense of security, don't overdo it. I don't want there to be a "next".