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Article: Order Made 17

Order made 17

Order Made 17

The relationship between the SAE50 mineral oil and the outside temperature is just right these days, and the exhaust sound of the iron head is singing, "Good oil, hahahan♪"

With that said, the winter season has arrived.

This time, we would like to introduce a custom order product based on the existing model N-3B LEATHER L size.

The existing N-3B LEATHER uses a Holstein drum die (glossy black) with a thickness of 1.1mm to create sharp, sharp wrinkles with a strong contrast.

On the other hand, in this order, the material was changed to 1.3mm thick deerskin (matte black), which created a thick and heavy atmosphere with large fluffy wrinkles, giving a different impression.

I am keenly aware of the size of a few commas and the depth of black.

And with the aggressive grid stitching added to the elbow pads, you can get a glimpse of the Japanese style by tightening the pop of camel color on the point.

The lining is made of super hard twill with thinsulate as well as ready-made products.
Considering ease of movement, the amount of padding in the body (torso) and sleeves is different.

He says that he will make his winter riding more comfortable than last year.

Thank you for your request.

Made-to-Order Spec/N-3B LEATHER

・Leather/deerskin black 1.3mm thick
・Lining: Super Hard Twill + Thinsulate
・ZIP/YKK Excela double NO8 NO5
・Thread/core spun #6 dark gray
・ Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store