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Article: Order Made 16

Order made 16

Order Made 16

This time, we received a request from Mr. Yukimoto, a regular customer of the Osaka store.
Introducing "Shirt Jacket".

The sweaty summer heat is over, and the season for leather jackets is finally here.

The lining is made of satin fabric that is well suited for the coming season.
It does not impair the softness, suppleness, and fluffy texture that are characteristic of deerskin.
Thin polyester satin is light and has good sleeves.
Compatibility and balance with deerskin are outstanding.

Texture, comfort, etc., on the other hand,
Sewing work is not easy.
The fluffy and thick deerskin is carefully adjusted by adjusting the sewing thread tension.
When sewing, it is easy to cause misalignment, so it cannot be sewn all at once.
Slowly and carefully is the key.

A core is attached to prevent elongation and shape loss,
Make cuts at equal intervals on the curved part where the stitched leather tends to show peculiarities,
After the decorative stitches are added, we take care not to create wrinkles.

A snap dot button is hidden behind the collar.

Put a slit in the waist side and adjust the size with a braided string.
Since there is no gusset, there is no accumulation of leather and the back side is neat and comfortable to wear.

The most difficult part of this work is the sewing around the hem facing slit.

Deer leather and thin lining give it a light function as a shirt,
The presence of the front and sleeve fasteners and the lace-up cord at the waist
It gives off the look of a jacket.

"shirt jacket"

The range of ways to mix and match is expanding, and it seems that there will be a lot of turns from outerwear to innerwear.

Yukimoto-san, what kind of clothes are you wearing this time of year?
I'm very worried.
By the way, when I commute by motorcycle, it's a little cold in the morning and evening, so I wear a thermal Ron T-shirt.
Wearing a deer shirt and a down vest,
I wear half inner, half outer.

The softness and lightness of deerskin.
And it will be filled with happy feelings in a comfortable season that is kind to both bikes and people!


Thank you for the order.

Made-to-order specs/

・Leather / deerskin dark brown 1.3mm thick
・Lining / polyester satin black
・ZIP/YKK antique gold
・ Thread / 6th thread core spun ivory
・ Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store