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Message from the recruiter

The choice to live a life with leather jackets and motorcycles.

Turning your hobby into a job is not something you can do just because you love it.
However, it is true that the long-established leather jacket manufacturer, which has been running for 89 years for the benefit of motorcyclists, cannot complete its work unless you like its worldview.

When you turn something or something you love into your life's work, it is natural that you are asked to do more than what you are interested in, and there may be times when it is difficult.
It is also true that if we do not face this worldview from all directions, we will not be able to accomplish our work at a long-established leather jacket manufacturer.

Admiration alone may lead to setbacks, but at the end of all of that, you'll definitely see a smile full of confidence.

What is needed is the will to grow by combining past experience with new knowledge.
And that feeling of trying to make a hobby-like world that he admires into his own work.

KADOYA's job is to bring smiles to customers' faces by offering suggestions and empathizing with our customers through our product lineup, which is inheriting the past but also keeping up with the times.
I look forward to seeing him play an active role as a member of the brand, while also combining his perspective as a biker who wears the same leather.

Direct Sales Department General Manager Masaki Urano

Joined in March 2003: Joined as store manager when the Osaka store opened. Currently, he is active in the field as Osaka store manager, and also takes on the responsibility of general manager of the direct sales department.