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Article: repair & custom 19

repair & custom 19

K'S LEATHER brand's standard ladies' model "KL-S3" has arrived at the head office factory with a custom request.

The custom content is the extension of the sleeve length.

If you want to "extend" the sleeve length, you have two options: adding leather (or a different material) or replacing the entire sleeve.

The latter is a large-scale repair, so the cost is high, and it is not uncommon for the repair fee to exceed the price of the jacket itself, so the length is usually added by adding leather.

The cuff structure of the most common riders has a zipper installed in a part of the tube, so when adding leather to the sleeve tip to increase the length, it is not uncommon to replace the zipper with a longer one. .

The content of this request is a strong custom color, such as adding cuffs at the end of the sleeve and extending the sleeve length, so there is no need to replace the zipper.

Conversely, if you add cuffs as they are, the sleeves will end up being longer than the specified length, so cut the original sleeves a little and then join them together.

The interesting thing about custom repairs is that you can adjust the look to your liking for the purpose of size matching.

Actually, this jacket was a request from the KADOYA store staff.

Sometimes, like this time, KADOYA staff ask me to do repairs.

By experiencing the difference before and after, the wearer can gain experience in leather jackets, and the craftsmen can make more in-depth custom proposals than usual, and sometimes have them serve as test benches. am.

Let's enjoy leather jacket custom now in preparation for autumn!