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Article: Children's Eyes


Children's Eyes

As always, the atmosphere at HEAD FACTORY was tense and tense, and a boy carrying a perfectly customized HFG SHOULDER BAG wandered into the HEAD FACTORY.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

This is the child of Mr. Kimura, a customer of the Osaka store who is a regular customer of custom made products.
This time, my family included a tour of Kadoya's headquarters and factory in their trip to Disneyland and Asakusa.
He has been enjoying Space Mountain and Small World wearing the black and red leather jacket he ordered previously.
I'm in high spirits. But what stands out more than Mickey is the foul play.
Every time Mr. Kimura receives an order, he brings a unique idea to the factory, which gives him a lot of inspiration as he takes on the challenge of producing it. Another craftsman who saw the situation asked, ``Mr. Kimura? "Kimura Color" is slowly but surely permeating factories. The bag that the boy in the photo is wearing on his back is one of them.
“Do you like your father’s leather jacket? When I asked the children, the answer came from an unexpected angle: ``It's heavy.'' I am impressed by the child's perspective, which goes beyond the design aspect and instinctively sees the weight that is categorized into functionality.
“The kids are amazing”
Well, Mr. Kimura's family took the time to come, and the factory manager, who takes everything seriously, will respond with sincerity and a bit of a forward-looking attitude.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

Unfortunately, it's Kyoton x3. Even so, something must have remained in the hearts of these three little people.
I was so distracted by the three of them that they were so cute that I couldn't take a single photo of them, sorry Kimura-san and his wife. And I'm very humbled because I always receive orders, and on top of that, I'm even treated to autumn leaves tempura. Thank you very much.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets