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Article: demon of brushing


demon of brushing


This is Kita.

Are you brushing your hair?

"Brushing" is the maintenance of leather products with a brush made of pig hair, horse hair, goat hair, synthetic hair, etc.

It can remove dirt from the surface, adjust the condition, and apply cream, and is the basic operation for maintaining leather products.

Hair differs in thickness, stiffness, and length depending on the type and part of the animal, and each has its own effective use.

KADOYA also carries horsehair brushes made by Columbus.

Horse hair has fine tips and a slightly soft texture, making it effective for removing daily dirt and conditioning the hair.

Brushing is my favorite part of maintenance!

I always brush the leather products I use, and I brush them whenever I have time.

I brush my hair too much, and my hair has become somewhat brushy.


Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets


Daily brushing is very effective in maintaining the durability of leather products and ensuring that they can be used for a long time.

You really ought to go and see.

Well then, good day.