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Article: Order made 66

Order made 66

Order made 66

This is the custom-made jacket for Mr. Kageyama, the wife of Mr. Kageyama, the owner of the Osaka shop introduced in the custom-made part 64.

The simplest tailoring gives it a women's silhouette that does not spoil the impression of the base model BONNY-0.

I used vintage steer red, which is currently out of production.

All ZIPs are YKK vintage ZIP series [Old American]

This winter, this zip is used for the first time in the [ N-1 ], which has been added to the head factory ready-made lineup and has been well received.

A tasteful zip that revives the good old design with modern technology, and the 100% cotton zip tape blends well with dyed leather.

Shortly after it was shipped from the factory after completion,

Me: "Did Kageyama-sama's Red Bonnie be delivered safely?"

Staff in charge: “Yes!

Me: “Ah!

Staff in charge: “Yes!


I think it's really happy to be able to have such a conversation between the staff who were involved.

Thank you again for your request.

Made-to-order spec / MERIDEN BONNY / MODEL-0

leather/vintage steer red (discontinued color)
ZIP/YKK Old American No10 No5
Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store