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Article: Order made 64

Order made 64

Order made 64

I would like to introduce Mr. Kageyama's jacket that you ordered at the Osaka store.

Mr. Kageyama, who regularly uses many Kadoya products,
What I chose this time is a select order of EARLY SPRINTER .

The leather has been changed from deerskin to goatskin.

The color scheme, which is one of the pleasures of making your own one-of-a-kind
The body, facing, and sleeve flaps are navy.
Piping on the sleeves and collar, and the pedestal of the pocket and tag are two-tone specifications using brown.


Navy is easy to match with any basic color, accent color
There are also many color combinations that look great.

Among them, the calm atmosphere of brown x navy
This is one of my personal favorite combinations.

When I saw the finished jacket, I was once again keenly aware of it.

It's just my imagination, but the day I received the order was last year.
Is it because it's the end of September?
There is an image of a color scheme that makes you feel autumn somewhere.

The thread used for 2-tone leather is 2-color No. 6 core spun.

The oval stitches on the shoulder and elbow pads are gray.

All others use brown.

The bright brown thread close to that orange color
It creates a calm atmosphere.

Goat leather that combines softness and lightness with firmness and elasticity
An all-season model that uses

I'm really looking forward to the change over the years.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order specs
・Leather/Goatskin Brown・Navy
・ZIP/YKK No.5 Old American
・Button/Matte black
KADOYA Osaka store