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Article: Order Made 19

Order made 19

Order Made 19

This time, it was featured on the HF blog last month, "Made-to-Order Part 16 / Deerskin Shirt Jacket".
This is an introduction of custom-made vintage jackets by Mr. Yukimoto, a regular customer of the Osaka store.

Recently, the popularity of deerskin has gradually increased.
We have posted many custom-made examples as
As ever, the most popular leather is "vintage steer".
The leather does not feel thick, and it has a rich texture and is firm and firm, and changes over time.
You can fully enjoy further "horse mackerel".

This order is based on the HF Meriden series TROPHY MODEL-0 .

Based on the brown color of the main body, the lining, thread, and natural Nume sewn into one point.
The color scheme of the leather tag complements the warm texture of each material while harmonizing them in a well-balanced manner.
Despite no significant design changes from the original base model,
The atmosphere has changed completely, and the feeling of gorgeousness has increased and there is a personality.

The buckskin shirt jacket I ordered last time...
And then Vintage jacket for order this time.

Now the tag under the chest pocket is in place custom-made by Mr. Yukimoto,
It has become a trademark.

Thank you for your order every time.

I will go to help the Osaka store in the bargain sale in January next year.
I would be happy if I could meet you on the bargain day.
Please come and visit us!

We look forward! !

Made-to-Order Spec / Meriden TROPHY MODEL-0 Custom

・Leather/vintage steer brown
・Lining: polyester satin quilting Bordeaux
・ZIP/YKK nickel No10, No5
・ Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store