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Article: Order made 100

Order made 100

Order made 100

Introducing Mr. K from Aomori

I received an order for a plain one-piece suit this time.

It is said that he is forced to live in a wheelchair,
Please visit the Sendai store,
I decided to make a custom-made leather suit.

The photo is from about 20 years ago.

Mr. K, who has been using our leather suits for a long time.
The appearance of running cleanly through the downhill hairpin is exactly the rider of the mountain pass.

Visited when it was "Kadoya Leather Clothing Store", the former main store in Nishi-Asakusa
He said.

Right pink machine, 1993 Yamaha YZF-750SP.
It is a machine that was released for a limited time as a base vehicle for superbikes.
It seems that the limited release was acquired to ride this machine.

And the left is the 2001 R-1.
Modified point is SP Tadao's slip-on muffler,
Ohlins rear shock.
This is the final cab specification for the R-1.

Suddenly, Mr. K's wheelchair brake lever
I noticed that it resembles the hose end part of the swage line.

if you ask
The chair was originally manufactured by OX Company, a motorcycle parts store.
The president who made chambers for RZ and TZR,
began to use a wheelchair,
It seems that it is the beginning that I made it myself.

I see, the wheelchair frame is similar to Yamaha bikes.

Brake levers are wheelchair shop original aftermarket parts.
It seems that it has been changed to a nut of the same shape that has been red anodized.

Fortunately, I was able to attend the temporary stitching,
I think it was a very valuable experience.

Not all cases can be answered,
If you have a disability and want to order leather wear
If you are thinking about it, first go to the directly managed store
I hope you can contact me.

After delivery, I received a thank you email from Mr. K from the Sendai store.
And so on.

Thank you very much.

Made-to-Order Specs / Original One-Piece Jumpsuit

・Leather / drum die black
・Lining / polyester satin red
・ZIP/YKK No.5 Nickel
・ Dealer / Kadoya Sendai store