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Article: small talk - Vol.06 Photos, Memories, Experiences, etc.

small talk - Vol.06 Photos, Memories, Experiences, etc.

Australian road signs with the horizon in the background

small talk - Vol.06
Photographs, memories, experiences, etc.

A company that attracts a relatively large number of people who are conscious about their lifestyle. If you could depict the memories of the employees working for that company, what kind of landscape would you see? This time, I would like to borrow a photo from a Kadoya employee and introduce it.

I want you to look at the photo and feel the experience.

Some of Kadoya's employees used to be musicians in the UK, while others experienced a shipwreck while on a trip to Okinawa. I myself have seen scenes that I would normally not see, such as the explosion in a warehouse (filmed when I was an actor).

Because they do not leave any photographs behind, there are very few photos that I can introduce to them against their vast backgrounds, but I would be happy if you could look at them with your own eyes and feel a part of their journey.

The road collapses ahead of the two motorcycles.

Photo Kei.M

In October 2019, a few days after the heavy rain disaster that caused damage mainly in Chiba Prefecture, a picturesque road was closed to traffic. You can almost hear the cries of pheasant-doves coming from between the trees. The vehicles are YAMAHA SR (custom vehicle) on the left and YAMAHA Tricker XG250 on the right.

Traffic jam on Loop Route 8

Photo Kenzaburo.K

Traffic jams on Loop Route 8 are a frequent occurrence for motorcyclists in the metropolitan area on their way back from touring. For some reason, when you're stuck in an evening traffic jam, don't you find yourself remembering things from a few decades ago? I remember the time when I rented an extremely small room near Loop 8.

Evening view of Lake Tazawa, slightly silhouetted

Photo Atsushi.S

Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan, is a scenic spot in Akita Prefecture with one of the clearest waters. At the Lake Tazawa swimming area shown in the photo, you can enjoy lake bathing, which is rare in Japan. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the sunset on a motorcycle trip is something special.

Jodohama beach with cloudy sky

Photo Kensuke.M

Jodohama in Iwate Prefecture has an unrealistic look. During the normal season, it is known as a tourist destination with an eternal green sea. The name comes from a monk from the Morioka domain who, when he arrived at the breathtakingly beautiful beach, remarked that it was like the Pure Land of Paradise. I think the spectacular view beyond the forest is similar to the experience of riding a motorcycle.

Italian buildings behind the silhouette of a person

Photo Wataru.K

The room I lived in at the time was 400 years old. He has a background in design work, having moved from Japan to Italy. I feel that people who choose to ride a motorcycle have a high degree of freedom from the initial stage of thinking.

tent in the dense forest

Photo Mitsuhiro.M

If you feel something strange about the photo, it's probably because of the size of the plant. The plant that grows naturally next to the tent and could be used as an umbrella is the Yaeyama Quadrantia, which is named after the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture. In 1991, he was living near the sea, helping harvest sugarcane. I can imagine reading a paperback book by the light of a lantern at night while listening to the endless sound of waves.

Dirt road and hunter cubs stretching to the horizon

Photo Sinji.I

Photo developed in Australia on April 7, 1998. How many days did it take to cross this horizon? I can imagine the excitement and tension during the shooting, and the relief felt in the town when it was finally developed. The vehicle is a HONDA CT110 Hunter Cub.

A herd of camels visible in front

12th.May.1998 Photo Sinji.I

Needless to say, the scenery I introduced to you is not your or my experience; it is simply a photograph, no different from what is digested in the media every day. However, I believe that the reason we can feel the wind when looking at a photo is because, even though the shapes are different, we have a common experience.

A special place that makes you feel a sense of admiration. When you visit such a place, why not take some photos?

The person who wrote this article / Kenzaburo Kikuchi

After serving as manager of Kadoya Tokyo main store for about 10 years, he was assigned to the EC section of the sales department.

At the Tokyo main store, I was exposed to a lot of custom-made products and repairs, and deepened my insight into leather jackets. Prior to Kadoya, he was also an editor for the motorcycle magazine ``BORN Biker's'' (Motor Magazine).

Vehicle history includes GILERA SATURNO350, HONDA XR600R, SUZUKI DR-Z400S, DUCATI 350F3, etc.