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¥21,450 (JPY)
Color: black

A compact size waist bag that minimizes the amount of storage.

■ Design
A compact size waist bag that minimizes the amount of storage.

■ Product features
- The size and form fit the waist line, and the characteristics of light and soft goat leather flexibly adapt to the waist.・Country of origin (Made in Japan)

■ Material
Table/Goatskin (goat leather) Goatskin (goat leather) Very light despite being supple and heavy. It is easy to maintain a noble texture with little aging.

size S. L.
(beside) twenty five twenty five
(vertical) 15 15
(gusset width) 6 6
length 87-99 99-111

*The unit is cm (centimeter)
* The indicated size is the finished size, and there may be some errors depending on the product.

What is goatskin?

Goatskin is light, easy to wear and extremely durable, and is also resistant to friction.

And there is a comfort that sticks to your hands with a soft touch. The soft impression with a texture like classic leather is an elegant texture.

It is characterized by the fact that the more you use it, the more lustrous it becomes and the brighter it becomes. Instead of a shiny luster, a “deep and calm luster” appears. Because it becomes, it grows with a three-dimensional texture.

Founded in 1935, in Asakusa, Tokyo, we have continuously nurtured our craftsmanship in making leather jackets.

This commitment is our proud philosophy that plays a part in Japanese manufacturing. The origin of HEAD FACTORY is the "skill" and "enthusiasm" cultivated by Kadoya craftsmen.

And this is my thoughts to all those who love leather jackets and motorcycles. We continue to create clothes that can be worn for generations without being swept away by the times.


Embracing the craftsmen's passion in the brand tag, Kadoya's path to "better manufacturing"

the night before

Kadoya's craftsmen, who have been making leather jackets for a long time as a made-to-order leather shop, have accumulated technology that can respond to all needs over time.

As the world entered an era of mass production and mass consumption, the trend shifted toward ready-made clothes. In the midst of turbulent times, the skilled craftsmen led by Masataka Fukano, the second generation of the company, continued the custom-made production, while behind the scenes the development of ready-made clothes also started.

In 2003, the domestic brand "HEAD FACTORY", which was particular about "sewing one piece per person" as if going against the times, was transposed to the production of ready-made clothes. It was launched at the factory in the head office building in Asakusa.

Product variation

Compatible protector


maintenance goods




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