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A work vest made of thick paraffin-processed cotton canvas that is sewn in Japan. A dress that is packed with attention to simplicity.
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The design that the pocket placed in the front attracts an eye. A hand warmer pocket is placed on the side of the patch-type flap pocket. Pocket sacking is designed so that it can be accessed from the inside of the vest.
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The zipper pocket on the back is large enough to hold not only wallets and smartphones, but also plastic bottles. You can enjoy riding lightly without carrying a bag.
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The paraffin-processed cotton material of the outer material is washed to create a rough texture. The taste of Atari increases with age.
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The rich texture of the cotton material goes well with leather, making it a chic look for riders who tend to be hard.
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A wild and chic piece that can be easily layered with a T-shirt or riders to complement your outfit.
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■ Design
A work type vest that accentuates the styling when riding a motorcycle. Large pockets are placed on the front and back to demonstrate high storage capacity, and the design is easy to use during the spring and summer seasons when you want to run lightly. The fabric uses 9 oz cotton duck with paraffin processing to give stain resistance and water repellency. The first place that can be worn tough without worrying about getting dirty.

■ Product features
・Paraffin processing * Paraffin processing / A technique that has been used for a long time. As a feature, the wax is soaked into the fabric, so white lines appear on the surface of the fabric (especially black) at the creases.

■ Material
Table/9oz Cotton Duck *Cotton Duck/Thick plain weave cotton fabric. Because it is woven more tightly than normal canvas fabric, it is used in a wide range of applications, from sneakers to paint canvases and tents.

size S. M. L. LL 3L
bust 102 106 110 114 118
waist 98 102 106 120 124
around the hem 96 100 103 107 111
Length 57.5 58.5 59.5 60.5 61.5
neck circumference 48 48 49.5 51 52.5
shoulder width 37 38 39 41 43

*The unit is cm (centimeter)
* The indicated size is the finished size, and there may be some errors depending on the product.

How to choose size

How to wear impression from bust size inner
I want to wear tight smart +8cm T-shirt
I want to wear it as standard.
usually +12cm + Sweater/Hoodie
I want to wear it loosely wild +16cm + down / fleece

* Due to the riding pattern, the sleeves may feel long.
*If the material is leather, the sleeve length will be shortened by 1-2 cm.
* If you are concerned about the length of the sleeves, it is possible to shorten the sleeves for an additional fee.

SIZE S. M. L. LL 3L 4L
Weight (kg) 50~60 55~65 65~75 70~80 80~90 ~100
Height (cm) 155~170 160~175 165~180 170~185 175~190 ~190
Bust (cm) 82~90 86~94 92~100 96~104 100~108 104~112
Waist (cm) 66~78 70~82 78~86 82~90 86~94 90~98

*The indicated size is for reference only and may differ from the actual size.

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