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Color: Brown
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Riding jeans designed like motocross pants. A dress made from domestically produced cotton stretch weapon fabric with an elegant texture.
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The stitching is tone-on-tone instead of a color scheme, and the texture and design of the fabric shines through.
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Knee pads can be easily put in and taken out and adjusted from the zipper part on the side of the thigh. In addition, by arranging mesh material inside the zipper, it also functions as ventilation for exhaust heat.
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Back style that gives a distinctive impression. Partially double fabric on the buttocks to improve durability against rubbing. By arranging the switches vertically, the silhouette of riding pants, which tends to be sluggish, is smartly produced.
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By attaching and detaching the pad, it can be used on a motorcycle or for everyday use according to the scene. Not only as riding pants, but also as pants, the finish aiming for high quality makes it a perfect piece to coordinate with other outfits. While applying functions and designs specialized for riding, we do not compromise on the texture as clothing. This is the first item that can be achieved because it is made in Japan.
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■ Design
Riding jeans with a biker design that pays homage to motocross pants. Produced at a jeans factory in the Kojima area of ​​Okayama Prefecture using domestically produced weapon stretch fabric. While further improving the perfection and quality of jeans, it is made with pattern cutting and protection performance assuming that you will be riding a motorcycle.

■ Product features
・CE LEVEL1 waist pad standard equipment (detachable type) ・CE LEVEL2 knee pad standard equipment (detachable type)

■ Material
Front/Cotton Weapon Stretch (98% Cotton, 2% Polyurethane) Back/Polyester Mesh (Pad Bag)

size 29 30 31 32 33 34 36
waist 77.5 80 82.5 85 87.5 90 95
hip 98.5 101 103.5 106 108.5 111 116
Rise 19 19.5 20 20.5 twenty one 21.5 22.5
inseam 87.5 87.5 87.5 87.5 87.5 87.5 87.5
thigh 57.5 59 60.5 62 63.5 65 68
around the knee 45 46 47 48 49 50 52
around the hem 35.5 36.5 37.5 38.5 39.5 40.5 42.5

*The unit is cm (centimeter)
* The indicated size is the finished size, and there may be some errors depending on the product.

SIZE S. M. L. LL 3L 4L
Weight (kg) 50~60 55~65 65~75 70~80 80~90 ~100
Height (cm) 155~170 160~175 165~180 170~185 175~190 ~190
Bust (cm) 82~90 86~94 92~100 96~104 100~108 104~112
Waist (cm) 66~78 70~82 78~86 82~90 86~94 90~98

*The indicated size is for reference only and may differ from the actual size.

From simple and basic high-quality standards to avant-garde items based on the highest specs and philosophy. A rider wear brand that goes well with town use as well as commitment to safety and functionality.

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