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Color: Black White
LEATHER HIGH SNEAKERの後継となるハイカットブーツ。スニーカーのような軽く柔らかい質感はそのままに、セメント製法からグッドイヤーウェルト製法へと作りを一新。同時に木型を新造し、ボリューム感のあるつま先のシルエットへと変更。

High-cut boots that are the successor to the LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER. While maintaining the light and soft texture of sneakers, the construction has been changed from a cement manufacturing method to a Goodyear welt manufacturing method. At the same time, we created a new wooden last and changed the toe silhouette to have a voluminous feel.

■Product features
・Goodyear welt manufacturing method

Table: Cowhide
Back: nylon mesh
Sole: Vibram

SIZE twenty three twenty four
wise E

Please choose the same size as the actual size or +0.5cm larger size.

The size may vary depending on the height of the instep and the shape of the foot.

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