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LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER M2 / Black/Black (Women's)

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An improved model of LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER, a sneaker-like riding boot.

The unique style that the shaft bends diagonally creates a rich texture with wrinkles engraved as you wear it.

Considering riding a motorcycle, leather is applied to the shift part and heel. It has both function and design while having a casual appearance.

The sole uses a highly durable Vibram integrated sole. Even if it is worn out, it can be replaced and repaired.

The interior uses a nylon mesh material that does not get stuffy and has high friction strength. Because a thin sponge is crimped on the back side, it is soft and comfortable to wear.

As an intermediate between boots and sneakers, these shoes are versatile for both riding and everyday use.

LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER M2 / Black/Black (Women's) Sale price¥35,200