KA-GIJ-SS / Black/Gold (Women's)

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Special specification KA-GIJ-SS is a lineup of Kadoya's highest grade engineer type.

■ Design
Special specification KA-GIJ-SS is a lineup of Kadoya's highest grade engineer type. The materials and components are the same, but the big difference is the thickness of the sole. There are various shift operations depending on the model and custom of the motorcycle you ride. The purpose of this release is to enable smooth operation and movement by thinning the sole. "US Vibram" Mini Lug sole # 430 is used for the outsole. Thin but firm grip with Oil Resistant. In addition, the stacked part of the heel is hollowed out to give the overall impression an edgy and sharp look.

■ Product features
Boots & Boots NORWEGIAN PROCESS "Sew the bottom vertically and horizontally" One of the sewing threads is sewn upside down horizontally on the lining leather material and the rib part of the heart leather insole. On the other side, the stitched body and midsole are sewn vertically. The former prevents the insole from falling off and the foot from swaying from side to side, while the latter is sewn up to the turtle, creating a unified whole shoe. Although it is very time-consuming, it is possible to replace the sole itself as many times as it is worn out. In this way, the Norwegian process is a manufacturing method that directly sews the insole and the upper material, so the upper material must be leather with a solid fiber layer that has the original waist of leather. In addition, in order to carry out such a process, it is not allowed to scrutinize the materials and compromise. The Norwegian process, which sews the material itself horizontally and vertically as a shoe manufacturing method, is very robust. Uses special water-repellent bottom thread Brass buckle midsole, heel uses Belgian benz

■ Material
(Sole) US Vibram Oil Resistant Mini Lug #430 (upper) VESTA Husky Oil leather 3.0mm thick (European raw leather) (22.5-24.0cm uses 2.4mm thick)

■ Wise

■ Wise

size 22.5 twenty three 23.5 twenty four

*The unit is cm (centimeter)
* The indicated size is the finished size, and there may be some errors depending on the product.

Please choose the same size as the actual size or +0.5cm larger size.

The size may vary depending on the height of the instep and the shape of the foot.

What is Vesta Husky Oil Leather?

Vesta's husky oil leather features high waterproofness that does not penetrate deep even if it is soaked in water for 3 hours, high durability, and a matte texture that contains a lot of oil. It will become more glossy.

- Notes on leather -

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Leather products, which play an active role as a partner to wear on a daily basis, become more attractive and attached to them the more you use them. However, when used for motorcycle riding, it is in an environment where it is easy to get dirty.

In order to prevent damage and improve the condition, it is important to take care of it on a regular basis, just like our skin. Here, we will introduce a self-maintenance method for using leather products for a long time.

(When using maintenance agents such as cleaners and oils, be sure to test in an inconspicuous area and confirm that there is no staining or discoloration before using.)

step 1

Use a horsehair brush to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the leather. Don't forget to brush the seams as well. If the stain is severe, wipe the leather surface with a wet towel that has been tightly wrung out.

step 2

Remove the Ref / LEATHER CLEANER through the cloth (cloth) until your fingers are slightly damp. When the cleaner dries, apply an appropriate amount to the cloth again.

step 3

Wipe the entire leather in several batches. By doing this work, you can get closer to the state of no makeup on your skin. Dirt and color are transferred to the cloth, but this is proof that the old oil and dirt that has migrated have been removed.

step 4

The finish is divided into matte finish, natural finish, and glossy finish depending on the oil characteristics, so please choose the oil you like.

step 5

Apply the oil of your choice to the clean side of the cloth. Take small amounts of oil.

step 6

Apply the oil while spreading it thinly so that it fits the entire leather. If you don't have enough oil, add little by little.

Step 7

Brush the entire leather with a horsehair brush to absorb the nutrients of the oil. For large areas, it is efficient to use a large brush. At that time, we recommend using a brush different from the dust remover.

Step 8

From here, I would like to recommend "one effort" for those who want to be more particular about finishing. Wipe the whole with the mouton side of the mouton glove. By wiping with a dry cloth, excess oil remaining on the surface is removed to prevent stickiness.

step 9

Finally, wipe the whole with the suede side of the mouton glove. Polishing the leather on the suede side gives it a high-quality luster. By using the finished mouton gloves, the oil will blend in and the taste will increase, and you can enjoy aging.

We offer a leather cleaning service called Refleather.

What is a refresher?

It is a new common sense to wash and wear leather products.

In Japan, dry cleaning using chlorinated solvents has been the main method of cleaning leather products.

While this removes dirt, there are also cases where the color fades and the oil of the leather is removed. I had a problem.

Refleather uses a special soap for leather, which can be washed with water in addition to being dry. The important thing here is to remove the dirt and supplement the nutrients including the lost fat. As a result, the suppleness and elasticity are restored, and you should be able to feel the gentleness and strength that the original leather had.

All leather products (genuine leather) such as leather jackets, leather jumpsuits, pants, coats, skirts, and boots can be washed. It is also possible to clean color scheme models that were avoided in conventional cleaning.

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