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SKU: 1638-0-200-002
Sale price¥62,700

(Size chart by product number) 1638-200-001
size S. M. L. LL 3L 4L
bust 101 105 109 113 117 one two three
waist 92.5 96.5 100.5 104.5 108.5 114.5
around the hem 92.5 96.5 100.5 104.5 108.5 114.5
Length 62.5 63.5 65 66.5 68 69
neck circumference 45 45 46 48 49 51
shoulder width 44 45 46.5 48 49.5 50.5
Sleeve Length 61.5 62.5 63.5 64.5 65.5 66.5
around the elbow 34 35 36 37 38 40
cuff circumference twenty one 21.5 twenty two 22.5 twenty three 23.5

*The unit is cm (centimeter)
* The indicated size is the finished size, and there may be some errors depending on the product.

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A model derived from the punching specification double riders PL-SW. The sleeves have been added and the silhouette has been slightly slimmed to create a more stylish look.

It features a padded design with three-dimensional switching from the shoulder to the elbow. A zipper pocket is placed on the upper left arm.

The diameter of the punched holes has been reduced for parts that are prone to damage when falling, such as the padding on the shoulders and elbows and around the back hem. Contrast that brings out elegance while being built in unique to motorcycle wear.

In addition to zippers, KADOYA original products are also used for dot buttons. It enhances the texture of fine details.

The lining uses a standard COOL DEHYBER mesh that absorbs water and dries quickly. The gray color gives a light impression like spring and summer.

Comes standard with a soft spine pad that is perforated and ventilated. There are pockets for attaching pads on the shoulders and elbows, and tapes for attaching chest pads are stored in the left and right inner pockets.

H175 B89 W78サイズL Tシャツ着用
SW-BANSHEE / Black Sale price¥62,700

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購入サイズ: M(WM) サイズ
着用感: ちょうどいい
年齢: 40代 ~
身長: 170 cm ~ 174 cm
体重: 60 kg ~ 64kg


購入サイズ: 3L サイズ
着用感: ちょうどいい
年齢: 50代 ~
身長: 170 cm ~ 174 cm
体重: 75 kg ~ 79kg