What is sheepskin?

The beauty of sheepskin is that it is soft to the touch. Sheep skin is used to support the growth of hair, so it is less strong and less abrasion resistant than other leathers, but it is moist and soft and feels like it will stick to your hands.

It is similar to goat skin, but the texture is coarser than that of goatskin.

The oil that contains the oil called "lanolin" is the best for skin care. Since it is an ingredient that can be taken from wool, it blends well with sheep leather and has excellent moisturizing and penetrating power.

- Notes on leather -

Sheep leather finished with a thickness of 1.0 mm, which is thicker than that used in general apparel. It features a smooth silver surface and excellent texture. (*Because of the characteristics of sheep leather, it is less strong than cowhide and goat leather of the same thickness, so please be careful as it may be damaged by friction or impact.