What is Oiled Vintage Steer?

Tannin tanning using natural materials is said to have a texture that becomes more glossy the more it is used.

Chrome tanning, on the other hand, does not have as much texture as tannin, but it is soft, strong, water resistant and suitable for clothing. In order to achieve both of these, "Oiled Vintage Steer" has established "de-chrome/mixed tanning" in which half of the chromium component is removed after chrome tanning, and then tanning with tannin.

In addition, by adding a small amount of chrome tanning agent to the taste of astringent tanned leather, which is rich in plasticity, flexibility and physical fastness are enhanced, and an appropriate amount of oil is penetrated. It has a unique flavor.

You can feel the sense of unity that spreads to your body from the first time you wear it, and the suppleness and sitting that leave the waist peculiar to tannin. It is characterized by the squeaking sound that is unique to tannin tanning, which you can hear when you try it on.

- Notes on leather -

* Vintage steer is leather with high plasticity. Please note that if there are large wrinkles or scratches when trying on the item, it may not be possible to return the item.