The "HEAD FACTORY ORDER SYSTEM" is divided into 6 categories, from "SELECT ORDER", where only the materials are changed based on the HEAD FACTORY ready-made model, to "SPECIAL ORDER", which embodies the customer's original image. .

In addition, separate options such as additional pockets are also available. First of all, please tell the store staff about your request. Based on the experience we have cultivated over many years, we will consult with you based on past cases. We believe that it is very important to share the image that our customers envision.

Kadoya staff will support you from the moment you imagine your own ideal dress, to the beginning of manufacturing, and then to the completion. The experience of touching the process of creating a single item will make the finished item even more attached.



select order

Body price + ¥15,000 (excluding tax) ~
Available in leather material. The most basic order class. Based on the HF ready-made model, it is possible to change various parts from leather material. Recommended for those who are just the right size for ready-made products.

custom order 1

Body price + ¥20,000 (excluding tax) ~
Sleeve length or dress length can be adjusted. Portion size order. A class that allows you to change the size of either the sleeve length or the length of the dress to select order. Select the base from each size of the ready-made model.

custom order 2

Body price + ¥25,000 (excluding tax) ~
Both sleeve length and dress length can be adjusted. Portion size order. A class that allows you to change the size of both the sleeve length and the length of the dress for select orders. Select the base from each size of the ready-made model.

custom order 3

Body price + ¥30,000 (excluding tax) ~
A class that allows all sizes to be adjusted based on ready-made products. A class close to a full order that can change the overall size to a select order. Base is selected from each size of HF ready-made model.

full order

Body price + ¥50,000 (excluding tax) ~
The finest made-to-order product that is completed through your own measurements and temporary sewing. Full customization and size order based on the HF ready-made model. Pattern making from measuring to fitting is also included.

special order

\ASK ~
All your originals. A special order that starts with the design. Order class regardless of base model from design to specification review. We will give you an estimate for each item.

Flow of full order and special order


① Meeting

We had a meeting with the staff based on the handwritten image and the photo of the jacket that we wanted to refer to.

We will determine the outline of the specifications and the approximate amount.

② Measurement

In the case of jackets, measurements are taken at about 20 points. Our staff, who are well versed in measuring, will take measurements based on the image of the finished product.

③ Material selection

You can choose the type and color of leather, lining, belt buckle, button, thread color, etc. from a large number of samples.

④ Pattern making

Based on the measurement data delivered to the head office factory, the pattern maker creates the paper pattern. During this time, detailed specifications are confirmed and decisions are made in parallel.

⑤ Temporary sewing

Based on the completed pattern paper, we will perform "temporary stitching" before production. Using a "temporary jacket" made of thick fabric, check the actual size and silhouette.

⑥ Adjustment

Based on the fitting situation, we will fine-tune the pattern if necessary. In addition, we repeatedly check the materials used and details to prepare for production.

⑦ Main production

A sewing specification that summarizes all the data after the meeting is delivered to the craftsman. After a careful final check by the "creator's eye", we start cutting the leather.

⑧ Completion

At Head Factory, one craftsman takes responsibility for the entire process, from leather cutting to leather skiving, sewing, and finishing. After completion, the finished product is shipped from the factory after undergoing a dimensional inspection by the patterner and a final inspection by the factory manager.


価格はデザイン・仕様・サイズ・素材で異なります、各店でお見積り致します。 完成までに最低2回のご来店が必要になります。


2回目(仮縫い):布でできた試作品でサイズの微調整、 完成イメージの確認。

3回目(納品 / 発送対応も可):完成品のお渡しと残金のお支払い。



Updated: January 4, 2023

current delivery date

Select order: 3 months Custom order: 3 months Full order: 5 months

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