European food riders


スタッフ:165 cm / 53 kg



European design hooded rider EURO CAPP made with light and soft goatskin (goat leather)

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<Height 165 cm, weight 53 kg, wearing S size>

This design does not feel uncomfortable even if you wear it as street clothes, and in fact, it is equipped with protector attachment bags on the shoulders, elbows, and back, so you can wear the protectors when riding, and remove the protectors when wearing it as street clothes. .

kadoya official online

EURO CAPP is very easy to wear even for those with delicate body types, as it does not give the so-called "feel of wearing a leather jacket".

The hood is detachable, and when removed, it becomes a single rider with a symmetrical design.

kadoya official online
Due to its popularity, a women's model will be released this autumn/winter.
We recommend the EURO CAPP, which is easy to use and comes in handy when you have one.


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