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VERMILLION = mods coat x riders


スタッフ:172 cm / 62 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: M size


A mods coat that will be a must-have item for the coming season

And a model that combines KADOYA's riders is now available!

I would like to introduce VERMILLION right away, but what is a mods coat in the first place? I would like to briefly explain from the point of.

The mod coat is based on the US military [M-51 field parka], but the reason why it spread to the world of fashion is that in the 1960s, young people in England wore it to keep their suits clean. It is said that this is the origin.

In addition, it is also called a fishtail parka because the back hem is originally stretched like a tailcoat.

With that said, I think I'll end up just explaining the mods coat, so I'd like to introduce the main topic, VERMILLION .


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Because it combines KADOYA's riding style with the image of a mod coat, the hood and tack roll pads on the elbows look voluminous at first glance, right?

However, in fact, it is made of goatskin (goat leather) similar to our popular models [EURO CAPP] and [FENNEL] , so it is light and comfortable to wear and can be used as everyday wear.

I'm worried about the hood fluttering when I'm riding...

Mods coat x Riders = VERMILLION2

It's a hood that symbolizes a field parka, but when riding, it's wobbling. 』

Of course, you can put it on and take it off so that it is easy for those who want to use it!

By the way, it also comes with a strap that can be put together to make the hood less fluttering, so you can prevent it from fluttering without removing it!

The hood can also be used as a casual accent for everyday use, but by removing it, it becomes a stand-up collar and long length rider's suit, so you can enjoy two different looks with just one!

Not just food! The inner is also removable! !

Mods coat x Riders = VERMILLION3

And not only the hood but also the inner part of this VERMILLION is removable!

If you attach a medium-thick inner layer, it can be used in the autumn and winter seasons, and if you remove the inner layer, you can use it when touring in the warm and sunny weather of spring!

Mods coat x Riders = VERMILLION4

Of course, protectors can also be attached.

You can also wear protectors on your shoulders, elbows, and back!

Although it is not standard equipment, it has a pocket for protector attachment, so if the size matches, you can also equip your own protector!

By the way, KADOYA recommends the CE PROTECTOR series !

So, are you interested in Vermillion, which combines design, comfort, and functionality, and is highly practical and versatile?

[KADOYA MAGAZINE-Vol.04/Gear selection for adults that balances style and function. ] , but we are introducing it, so please check it out as well as checking the actual product at the directly managed store!