smart single riders


スタッフ:172 cm / 65 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


This is the time when the product inventory is very low,

Especially this year! Because there was a lot of demand for leather jackets from autumn last year,

I think there are more popular models than usual, such as size shortages.
(I'm sorry!)

But in such a way, it's casually restocked, and now it's on the contrary! We have popular single riders in a wide variety of sizes!

Smart single rider ”TSR”

Classic and simple, therefore always in the top 3 popular [single riders].

Among them, [TSR] is popular for its tight silhouette and the simplest design.

tight single riders 3

tight single riders 2

tight single riders 1

It's made tight overall, but the slimmer arm circumference and longer length give it a vertically elongated and sharp silhouette.
(However, the amount of exercise from the back to the arms when riding a motorcycle is firmly secured by a special pattern!)

It's about 172 cm / 66 kg, and if you wear it with an inner layer such as a hoodie, the L size will be a little more comfortable.

The silhouette is completely different from our other models.

The exterior design is extremely simple with only a chest pocket.
Some customers make this single for the purpose of this design.

The leather is a soft steer with just the right amount of tension, and when it gets used to it, it becomes quite soft, but wrinkles and other wrinkles are easy to understand, and I think it's just the right quality of leather.

TSR is often out of stock unexpectedly.
Sizing while stock lasts!


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