Personal item introduction <Denim jacket that is easy to use even in summer>



Along with the mesh jacket, this item is quite handy this season.


Today I would like to introduce this jacket that I am wearing all the time.

This jacket.

A domestic 13oz uneven denim stretch material jacket with a riding pattern.

It doesn't come with a pad bag, but it's easy to wear because it's a single piece without lining, and I like it even when I'm not riding a motorcycle, so I wear it occasionally.

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The sleeves are lined with washable leather for a slightly sportier look.

It's getting brownish with age, but I like that aspect, including the discoloration of the denim.

kadoya official online

If it's just a denim jacket, it's hot, but this jacket has ventilation on the chest and waist.

When I open it and run, the wind comes in and it's a good condition. Midsummer city center traffic... (Well, it's hot no matter what you wear at that time lol)

For example, long touring such as leaving early in the morning and returning home late at night

In addition, when the altitude is high or the wind is strong along the sea,

In such a scene, it may be quite a bit chilly with full mesh .

In such a case, it is quite useful to be able to take in plenty of wind with ventilation and to be able to easily open and close the zipper even while running closed.

Touring in the summer where the temperature difference is unexpectedly large.

How about wearing something like this in such a case?


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