Punching leather version of popular model ATLAS comes up


スタッフ:180 cm / 67 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: M size


Since its release in the 2018 Spring/Summer season, this leather jacket is still very popular. As a derivative model of the punching leather version this season has appeared.

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The basic design, such as the gently rounded front zipper and the shirring that stretches from the shoulder to the back, is left as is, with 2mm diameter punch holes placed at regular intervals, and the lining is made of a fabric that dries quickly to absorb water, making it ideal for summer heat. Suitable for day riding.

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In addition to protector pockets for the shoulders, elbows, and spine, it is also possible to install a chest protector to further enhance the safety of riding.

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Due to the characteristic shirring on the back, it demonstrates high exercise performance from a tight forward leaning position to an upright position.

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In addition, by arranging this shirring part between the neck and the shoulder, it does not reduce the above athletic performance and gives a smart impression without straining the shoulders when worn.

kadoya official online
<Wearing 180cm 67kg M size>

We hope you will consider ATLAS-PL for summer riding.


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