Standard winter leather JKT with excellent functionality and design


スタッフ:167 cm / 57 kg



Based on the N-3B, which is famous as a flight jacket, the winter jacket N-3R, which incorporates riding equipment and uses leather, has arrived this season.

When you pick up the jacket alone, it feels heavy, but when you put it on, you can feel that the amount of exercise is secured by adopting an oil cow that contains abundant oil.

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The front zipper extends to the neck and prevents wind from entering from the neck.

Equipped with a large hood that can be worn firmly and deeply, it is made to be able to handle even in extremely cold weather.

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The front is made with a zipper, top and bottom fly, and a large button closure.

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Safety is ensured with pockets for attaching pads (sold separately) on shoulders and elbows, and spine pads (standard equipment).

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While it is fully equipped for riding, it is a thick leather N-3B jacket that can also be worn as a town wear.

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The raglan sleeves allow it to be oversized and rough, so it can be worn with a wide range of inner thicknesses.

Why don't you consider N-3R as an option for winter jackets?


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