geometric pattern camouflage


スタッフ:165 cm / 59 kg



URBAN LOADER navy camo color with eye-catching dazzle camouflage with randomly arranged complex geometric patterns.

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Some people may find it flashy at first glance, but when you actually wear the dazzle camouflage pattern composed of calm tones of navy and black, it is strangely familiar and gives a unique impression.

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The lining is made of high-performance Comfortax insulation that has high heat retention, making it suitable for riding on cold days.

Of course, it is equipped with a protector pocket, and a protector can be installed as desired.

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The hood can be fixed with a button on the back, so you don't have to worry about it flapping when riding.

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The pattern is randomly placed on the fabric before cutting, and then cut and sewn, so the placement of the camouflage is different for each product. Isn't this also a playful and tickling point?

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Although equipped with the equipment necessary for riding, the design is not overly specialized and is highly versatile as street wear, so you can wear it in a variety of situations.

How about enjoying a slightly different atmosphere with the dazzle camouflage pattern?


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