Fabric wear specializing in cold climates [NOEMI]


スタッフ:180 cm / 68 kg



"I want to ride a motorcycle even in winter!" This season's new NOEMI is a reassuring piece that will be a strong ally for everyone.

High-performance batting that is also used for winter sheraf (sleeping bag) is enclosed, and the lining side is equipped with Comfortax high-performance batting and aluminum heat reflective film to demonstrate amazing cold protection performance. I am proud of the heat retention to be able to be called overspec for the climate of November.

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The width of the neck can be adjusted to prevent cold wind from entering, and the front zipper has a double structure to protect you from the cold with an iron wall windbreak.

Based on the N-3B, the design that combines military taste and mode taste is finished as a piece that can be worn comfortably not only when riding, but also in the city.

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The shoulders, elbows and back are equipped with pad bags as standard so that protectors can be attached for safety during riding.

A reflector is placed on the back to accentuate the design.

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Enjoy comfortable, safe and stylish riding this winter with NOEMI, which boasts the highest level of cold protection performance in the history of Kadoya fabric wear!

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