Super high strength nylon rider jacket [TWR-N]

超高強度ナイロンライダースジャケット 【TWR-N】

スタッフ:172 cm / 62 kg



Speaking of KADOYA, the image of a leather jacket is strong, but this season we are releasing a rider jacket using ultra-high strength nylon.

The TWR-N design is a simple double rider.

Super high-strength nylon rider jacket

Based on the popular “TWR” simple double rider jacket, the slash pocket on the left sleeve is accented, making it easy to use as everyday wear without being too simple.

Super high strength nylon rider jacket 1

The inner is also removable and can be coordinated ◎

Super high-strength nylon rider's jacket 2

Not only is the design easy to use, but the inner part is removable, making it easy to use in terms of functionality!

Coordinating with INTHERMO to match the innerwear makes it even warmer in the coming season, and if you remove the innerwear, it is a model that is easy to wear even in the warm and cheerful spring weather!

We also recommend coordinating with 《RIDE WORK SHIRT WINTER》 and 《PROTEX PARKA》 !

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