Military jacket recommended for both motorcycle and casual wear


スタッフ:173 cm / 71 kg



It was hot until the other day, but it's already autumn temperature!

Perhaps because the temperature has dropped, more and more people are looking for leather outerwear!

For those looking for leather outerwear

“Is there a leather jacket that can be worn more casually than riders? 』

“Isn’t there a jacket that is just right for the upcoming season and easy to mix and match for everyday wear? 』

“I like military jackets, but I gave up on wearing them on a motorcycle because they don’t have protectors. 』

We have received many inquiries and consultations, and this season's new [MAVERICK] jacket is recommended for such people!

Lightweight and casual with goatskin while enhancing cold protection

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A lightly finished bomber jacket made of goatskin can be worn casually.

The collar boa, which is indispensable for the upcoming season, is a great item that will increase the cold protection!


The batting is just the right thickness to wear regardless of the season, but the aluminum heat-reflecting film is inserted, giving the impression that it retains more heat than it looks.

Remove the collar boa for a clean look


The characteristic collar boa is a specification that can be easily removed with a dot button and zipper.

In a wide range of seasons from autumn to spring, it is easy to mix and match with motorcycles and everyday wear!

If you remove the collar boa, it will give you a refreshing impression, so it seems to be useful for everyday use with a scarf in the coming season!

Equipped with a protector


Pockets for shoulders, elbows, back and protectors are standard equipment, so you can wear it with confidence even when riding a motorcycle!

Of course, if you wear it as everyday wear, you can easily remove it.

If you are looking for a military jacket for motorcycles, MAVERICK is recommended!

Among the leather outerwear, this year's new model [MAVERICK] is just the right jacket for those looking for an outerwear that can be used both on a motorcycle and for everyday use!

Due to the full-fledged start of the season, leather outerwear has already started to appear in missing sizes, so if you are interested, please consider it as soon as possible! !


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