padded and suede


スタッフ:172 cm / 63 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: M size / Bottoms: M size


2023 F&W styling

2023 A&W styling

-The updated FENNEL is also equipped with a pad bag on the back of the soft sponge padding, making it possible to further attach CE shoulder and elbow pads (sold separately).
This makes it possible to maintain full-fledged protection, but I also feel that the good thing about this model is that you can enjoy the smart padded riders by wearing it as it is hanging.

-The new PANTS are available in suede brown, which is a new attempt not only in the model but also in the material.
The texture is a little different from traditional leather pants, and will give a fresh look when paired with traditional leather JKTs.


The tuck roll pad gives it an authentic feel.
Its impression, which is different from that of a plaid pad, will allow you to enjoy a surprising variety of styling.
We can accommodate a variety of bikes that suit you, from classic bikes to SS.

tuck roll pad

There is no problem with the amount of exercise around the arms and back. Functionally, it can be used on motorcycles in various positions.

leather pants knees

The zippered knee pad insertion opening also serves as a nice accent to the overall pants.

2023 F&W styling

・I'm interested in padded design, but it's hard to try...
・It's a little boring that the styling tends to be completely black at the top and bottom.

If you have such concerns, please check out this year's new releases.


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