A high-quality wooden hanger that allows you to hang heavy jackets with confidence.

Once you have all the items, how about a wooden hanger?

If you get a leather jacket and have other boots, gloves, bags, etc.,

How about sticking to hangers ?

At KADOYA, we carry the finest hangers that are suitable for storing leather jackets that fit your body and are attached to.

HF HANGER made by [Nakata Kogei], a long-established wooden hanger

Nakata Hanger HF HANGER

It is used in the HEAD FACTORY series jacket display at our directly managed store.

There are two types, TY-I and narrow TY-II,

Basically, TY-I is for men's jackets, and TY-II is wide enough to cover women's and men's tightline model M size.

Nakata Kogei manufactures wooden hangers for over 70 years since its founding.

Our company's introduction case was also posted on the HP, so please take a look!

Luxury hangers for appreciating leather jackets at home!

In a world where it's hard to run around as much as you like,
At times like that, I want to be picky about a moment at home!

Luxury hanger for storing and appreciating leather jackets at home.

It's a small amount now, but why don't you consider it on this occasion?

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