Directly managed store limited leather jacket

A new product , TSR-SSVT , limited to directly managed stores has arrived.
It is a derivative model based on TSR (TSR-2), which is also included in the product name.
This time, I will introduce a little about TSR-SSVT.

The chest pocket on the base model TSR (TSR-2) has been removed and an abdominal pocket has been placed.

(Top: TSR-2 Bottom: TSR-SSVT)

Front zip from double to single.

Furthermore, by changing the lining from brown to red, the product has more impact.

The size is the same as the TSR-2, and it is a tight model with long sleeves.
We also have TWR-SSVT, a product limited to directly managed stores, so
If you are interested or want to try it on, please come to the store.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again here.

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