Is a leather jacket cold in the middle of winter? ! “There are also winter ones!”

"Can you wear a leather jacket in winter?"

There are many people at stores who are worried about things like "Is it warm?"

Actually, this is the feeling of the temperature in Tohoku...

It's called a leather jacket, but it's cold in the middle of winter with just a piece of leather.

is. that's right,

Just wearing leather is cold in the middle of winter. Especially in Tohoku.

But I still want to wear a leather jacket in winter! For those leather freaks out there, KADOYA has a wide range of products for you!

How to enjoy leather jackets even in winter ① Choose a winter model with cotton lining.

The most luxurious way is to wear a winter model leather jacket in winter. This is the most accurate one.

Recent examples include [LEATHER DOWN JKT] , [DB9] , and [N-3R] .

leather down jacket

These are popular winter jackets these days because they can be worn for things other than riding a bike.

How to enjoy leather jackets even in winter ② Wear high-performance innerwear.

The 3-season type, which has a single lining, is already cold if you wear it alone in the winter.

However, KADOYA has released several types of high-performance innerwear to help you withstand it.

The HRT4 series is a classic and highly reliable windproof heat storage innerwear that has been around for a long time.

This year's new releases INTERMO and PROTEX PARKA are also good.

If you have a thin but warm inner layer, you can wear even a tight leather jacket warmly!

We also recommend pairing it with the winter jacket from ①.

How to enjoy a leather jacket in winter ③ On the other hand, wear it over a leather jacket.

We also recommend wearing an outer layer over your leather jacket.

For previous models, [cold weather vests] such as RM-WORK VEST and DECK CREW VEST were the most recommended.

Leather feels cold because the surface gets cold, but wearing something over it can keep you from getting cold.

The best type is better because it allows you to move your arms and enjoy coordinating it!

There is also an outerwear called CWP that is meant to be worn over a leather jacket.

If you are worried, please contact KADOYA directly managed store!

That's why you can enjoy leather jackets as much as you want in winter!

However, the solution may vary depending on the jacket you have.

If you have any concerns about the cold, please feel free to contact KADOYA directly managed store!

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