I replaced the display vehicle.


When you visit our Nagoya store,

I welcomed you with

Wine red Vespa.

If you have visited us many times,

I want to see another vehicle once in a while! Thu,

Please let me know if there is a voice.

This time, for a limited time (?), we changed the display vehicle.

If you like it, can you see it in the top image?

[Kawasaki Z900RS].

Kawasaki's popular vehicle that is also used in our catalog shooting.

Japan's specialty multi-power unit, well-balanced construction with attractive curves,

Very cool.

I think there are many people who are interested, but it is undecided how long it will be possible to exhibit.

Coolness without gaps in all directions,

I think a leather jacket would look good on you.

◇Nagoya store information◇

The 2022 spring/summer catalog has arrived.

We look forward to your visit!

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