relaxed racing

As part of my refreshment, I participated in the Rentai race held on Course 1000 at Tsukuba Circuit the other day as Team KADOYA!

It's a little different than usual, but I'd like to introduce it once in a while (laughs)

This time, I took out the HRC GROM, which is a company recreational bike!?

It's a pretty fun car with mapping changes and high-grip tires installed, but it ended up being 20 pits after being penalized...

The start is Le Mans style, jumping on the bike with a dash and starting all at once

A timid and surprising start while various classes are mixed.

Not enough fuel! ? As a result, it was decided to run energy saving without turning the engine too much.

However, due to that, I was more conscious of how to run, such as the running line and acceleration / deceleration, and there were various discoveries!

Our president!

"Don't fly too much, save fuel and run loosely," he said, but it was as fast as a lie..

It was full of cheats that I hit the top time, and when the president was running, the ranking rose steadily (lol)

Staff M who is addicted to circuit driving these days

As expected, he is accustomed to the circuit and repeats laps at a high pace.

While struggling with the super fast paced pit stop and mini game once every 10 minutes..

The four hour race flew by in a blink of an eye.

Everyone can enjoy the bike without falling down.

It was a day that made me feel fulfilled and wanted to learn more about riding a motorcycle.

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