A rain suit for a leather jacket in rainy weather

<It's the rainy season, and it's raining a lot these days>

I thought it was sunny in the morning, but it started raining on the way and I got soaked. .

A rain suit is essential when you go out on a motorcycle at this time of year.

That's why this time we will introduce the rain suit released by Kadoya

(I'm using my personal belongings to introduce it, so it's a little dirty, but please forgive me for that... w)

■ Kadoya's rain suit is made for riders who wear leather jackets and ride motorcycles.

Kadoya's rain suit that has been released under the name K`S RAIN up to the current T4. They have always thought of riders in leather jackets.

An old battle suit. The first generation K`S RAIN can be worn without difficulty even when wearing a battle suit, and it is tough even when worn down like a battle suit. That was the concept.

From there, time passed and T2 and T3 evolved to the current T4. Even if you don't wear a battle suit, you can wear it without difficulty even with our thick and robust leather jacket.

However, it has a size that is not too bulky even if it is put away . (So ​​if you're going to buy a kappa, which is common, it's okay to buy the same size as your jacket instead of going one size up.)

Also, since we are thinking about riding a motorcycle at high speed for a long time , even if it is a large size, it is made so that it can be tightened around the arms, waist, hem, and pants hem. .

Because it is big, there is flapping. However, it has a moderate amount of room and fits well, so it won't stretch or hinder your movement while riding a motorcycle.

The fabric uses Toray's highly functional breathable waterproof material BREATHATECH, which prevents rain from entering and reduces stuffiness inside.

Also, if you still want to steam, you can open the ventilation on the back to release the trapped moisture.

For those who are looking for a rain suit for motorcycles in this rainy season and who wear leather when riding a motorcycle!

(It's a pretty niche category, but it's Kadoya, a leather jacket, so... w)

That was the introduction of Kadoya Rain Suit K`S RAIN T-4♪

Actually, there are various things I want to write more about, but that's for another time...

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