We have more new products in stock, but please be careful of missing items.

Due to the influence of the new corona, the delivery date of some products has been extended...

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our users.

Currently, other products are in stock one after another.

FLAP LONG WALLET "Retail store limited model"

Regarding the L-ZIP WALLET, we have made minor changes to make it easier to use, and we have also received a new FLAP type.


As for the gloves, the new CLUBMAN GLOVE and the ever-popular C-NINE and NKG-SP2 have arrived.

( The NKG-SP2 color model is already out of stock. )


LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER is a minor change as M2.
We have arrived as a model with a review of details.

In terms of appearance, the big change is the accent color on the bottom of the sole.

In addition, the tight line series has undergone minor changes in riders JKT.

Only TWR-2 has arrived in advance. Other models will be in stock at any time.


New models of casual sweat hoodies with chest pocket designs have arrived.


The leg bag type HF LAB/LSP 2WAY-BAG has also been out of stock, but a small amount has arrived.

( There is only one item left at the Sendai store...! )

Please be aware of the immediate shortage of new products immediately after arrival.

The arrival rush continues, but there are many customers who have pre-ordered the products that are waiting for arrival this time.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for products to be out of stock by the time they hit stores, so if you are looking for the product you want, please contact us at the store to make a reservation. I would appreciate it if you could get it.



The 3 types of ROUND ZIP ANORAK, RIDERS COACH JKT, and CORSA TRACKER JKT, which arrived in the middle of last month, are already out of stock.

At the store, we also accept size consultations when making a try-on reservation, so please feel free to contact us.

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