Newly carved genealogy-I have infiltrated the Meguro K3 announcement event-

This time I would like to write something a little different from my usual work.

For some reason... I sneaked into the presentation of one of the most talked about Kawasaki/Meguro K3 recently!

This is because our factory manager, Ichijima , is appointed to promote this Meguro K3, and the costume he wears is a TCR bespoke model in collaboration with KAWASAKI.

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(*This bespoke model is sold only at the Kawasaki PLAZA store.)

At the announcement event, valuable successive MEGURO vehicles were exhibited

Photos of the new K3 running in Tokyo, the birthplace of MEGURO, are also on display.

In addition, historical photos and goods that match the new model were also exhibited, creating a world view.

(* There seems to be a general special exhibition event at Kawasaki PLAZA Todoroki from November 20th to 24th)

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Vehicle unveiling, and after that, various secret stories about vehicle development are being told

Our company Ichijima also participated in the talk as "the first ordinary person to ride MEGUROK3".


While based on the current W800, each part has MEGURO's own design and drop.

Above all, the area around the silver mirror-painted tank has a very good texture, and you can catch a glimpse of modernity and high technology in a classical style.

The metal texture around the meter and the casually placed Meguro logo

It is a part that you can see when you straddle the vehicle, and it seems to give you a sense of satisfaction as well as a high quality feel.

MEGURO is said to be the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan.

And we were pursuing the possibility of large displacement and the speed created by it.

It was absorbed by KAWASAKI, and KAWASAKI, which was mainly producing small-displacement vehicles at that time, acquired the know-how of developing large-displacement vehicles.

Later, K2 was produced by KAWASAKI based on MEGURO's technology, one before this K3.

It is said that this technology is still alive today as the source of the W1, Z1, and today's large-displacement, high-performance motorcycles.

Under such circumstances, the MEGURO K3 has made a fateful revival based on its descendant, the W800.

The lineage that had been interrupted was to be connected again.

Being involved as Kadoya there,

To revive the genealogy of the oldest motorcycle in Japan

The fact that Kadoya, who is celebrating its 85th anniversary, was able to cooperate even a little,

I felt very emotional.

Manufacturing evolves and changes with the times.

Re-recognizing the "genealogy" that we have walked

As a Kadoya planning man, I would like to continue to make things by learning new things from the past.

It was a day that seemed like that.

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