Sendai store's novelty hanger has ended.

Thank you for coming to our store during the Leather Fair this year!

" 2021 AW LEATHER FAIR " is being held at KADOYA directly managed stores and official online shops from Saturday, September 18th.
After all autumn is leather, right? !
I was presented with a novelty wood hanger that goes well with such a leather jacket.
"KADOYA HANGER 2021" in the Sendai store frame has reached the quantity and ended today.
Thank you very much for coming to our store.
Imabari towel brand's special "STRIPED HANDKERCHIEF 2021" will also end with only a few left.
We also have products that are out of stock, such as new JKT and winter gloves.
If you are not ready for autumn yet, hurry up!

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