summer leather pants

In addition to the summer heat, the legs are exposed to exhaust heat from the engine and frame. If you choose thin pants easily, you can feel the wind while riding, but many people are worried about the exhaust heat from the bike hitting their inner thighs.

This time, we would like to introduce you to the latest version of our punching leather pants, PL-PANTS 3, which combine excellent strength and breathability to help you enjoy summer riding comfortably and safely.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

By arranging 2mm diameter holes at 5mm intervals, it is possible to ensure the strength of the leather while allowing the wind to flow in while riding. The leather used is cowhide, which has excellent friction and tear strength.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

The inner thighs that touch the bike are made of non-punched cowhide leather, which not only provides the easy knee grip characteristic of leather pants, but also prevents heat from escaping from the engine and frame.

The pocket for the included knee protector can be accessed from the zipper on the outside of the crotch, making it easy to put on and take off the protector. (*Protector body sold separately)

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

This item goes well with a mesh jacket and is easy to coordinate with other outfits.

The purpose of perforated leather pants as riding gear is easy to understand, and they are also recommended for those who are new to leather pants.

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